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Synthetic Putting Greens and P.A.R. Turf

The cornerstone of outstanding putting greens and short game practice facilities is PAR Turf, our Pure Absolute Roll Turf product line.


Our PAR Turf series of synthetic turf has been created through years of R&D, working directly with turf mills to create the finest nylon artificial playing surfaces available today. PAR Turf is available in 3 distinct versions, each designed to provide flexibility in meeting your specific synthetic turf needs:


PAR 1 - Our purest and fastest putting surface simulates championship greens and has a stimp rating of 10.5.


PAR 2 - Our most flexible and popular putting surface holds chips from 25 yards and has a stimp rating of 9.5.


PAR 3 - Holds shots from up to 80 yards! It has a stimp rating of about 9.


Unlike the original deep, sand-filled backyard golf greens which are still widely promoted today, even here in Detroit, our high-tech nylon putting greens don't require the deep sand infill used by other to prop up their inferior putting turf fibers. 


The extremely durable Putters Edge nylon fibers and proprietary "tufting" process combine to create high-performance synthetic putting green turf with an industry leading 10-year warranty.


Synthetic Lawns and Synthetic Grass

Synthetic lawn grass is an outdoor landscaping option that allows you to have a beautiful, natural looking, perfectly green lawn month-after-month, year-after-year - without the hassle! You don't have to worry about mowing, fertilizing, watering, applying pesticides or any other type of growth and health lawn maintenance. It's unbelievable how realistic Greenskeepers synthetic lawn products look - give us a call and we'll show you our broad variety of turf options.


Most quality artificial lawn turfs require an infill to help support the turf fibers. This is required to achieve the aesthetic characteristic of the lawn blades standing up as they do with a natural grass lawn. Infill also acts as a weighting agent for the lawn system. Our synthetic turf is manufactured with short fibers at the turf base which when warmed holds up the longer fibers providing the aesthetic characteristic of a natural grass lawn. Some infill may be needed for weight to hold the turf in place depending on the specific application. Most other lawn turfs require far more infill just to support the turf fibers. The most common infill option is a sand/rubber mix-recently questioned as a possible toxicity concern! We use clean technology to eliminate rubber worries.


Whereas natural grass lawns are difficult to keep looking nice with frequent play by children and pets - a Greenskeeper synthetic lawn and grass application will always look perfect and will withstand the impact of heavy use. Our lawn turfs drain so that water and pet accidents will wash right through. The synthetic turf fibers are made of materials that will not absorb or retain pet waste odors. Your synthetic lawn can be washed with a garden hose and a periodic raking will ensure that the blades are standing up nicely - the perfect lawn.


Greenskeeper Golf's lawn turfs come with an 10-year manufacturer warranty. Under normal residential conditions, the actual life expectancy is 15-25 years. The artificial lawn blades have the UV-treatment built into the blade itself - it's mixed with the polyethylene while it's still in liquid form. So, you don't have to apply any type of spray-on UV treatment as with some artificial turf products. Will the turf fade? - technically yes, practically no. The shade of green will change slightly over several years - but you won't be able to distinguish the change with the naked eye. In fact, the Greenskeeper Golf's synthetic grass and lawn turf actually will become even more natural looking over time.


A light raking (plastic) or brooming (soft bristle) is recommended on a periodic basis to keep the blades standing nicely and looking their best. If the lawn is primarily decorative (light traffic) then the brooming or raking frequency will be less. A leaf blower can be used to remove leaves, twigs, etc.

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